Wednesday, September 23, 2009


After 9 years serving FIFA, Windsor John Paul has decided to leave the parent body of football and is touted by many to have some association with FAM in the near future.

But if FAM is the desired destination for Windsor, then he should not opt for anything less then the General Secretary's position, given the fact that Malaysian football needs someone in the likes of Windsor to give the sport the desired boost.

Not withstanding that, Windsor can also be considered for a position in the newly set up 1 Malaysia F1 team or as the Hon. Secretary of the Olympic Council of Malaysia given his vast experience in administration and his friendly nature as well as vast international recognition over the years.

While it may be FIFA's loss and Malaysia's gain, it will be left to be seen if any Malaysian sports body will utilise Windsor's ability as the FAM has obviously not decided to use him since 2007.

While it has been speculated that Windsor may join FAM, the head of FIFA Development Office Kuala Lumpur who will vacate his position on September 30, has opted not to say anything with regards to his future plans.

"Yes I have submitted my resignation and FIFA will appoint a replacement. As for me, I have three months to finish a manual for FIFA and the period will also give me an opportunity to decide on my future plans," said Windsor who was the Assistant for the GOAL project from 2000 to 2004 before assuming the position of Development Officer in 2005.

"I will be able to assist any football body over the next three months of my leave but it will be up to them to utilise me or seek my services. I am available to assist but my future plans are close to my chest."