Thursday, September 24, 2009


Unknown to many, outgoing FIFA Development Office Kuala Lumpur chief Windsor John Paul has acted in two movies.

The first was titled Deutschland Ein Sommermarchen, a documentary on the German national team's World Cup 2006 journey, all the way from boot camp in Sardinia to the 3rd-place play-of where Windsor made a 15 minutes appearance in the 2007 movie that was based on the 2006 World Cup held in Germany.

And in Goal 3, Windsor was once again featured, this time leading the two finalists out onto the pitch as the General Coordinator for the Final featuring France and Italy ( picture above shows the only Malaysian at the World Cup Final)

So could Windsor, who will be on a three-month leave beginning October 1 go into acting as a profession.

“I doubt I will make the grade in Hollywood nor Bollywood,” said Windsor.

“I have no regrets in leaving my current position. Sometimes you just need to have a change and for me the timing was right.

“Let’s not get carried away with my departure for no one person is bigger then the game and all I hope is that certain quarters stop making speculations as to why I left.

“Suffice to say I am happy with my decision and it was made on my free will, without any form of pressure.

“I am a professional, thus I know when its time to move on. I have served football without any personal interest and I will cherish the moments I had.”

Windsor, in his ever diplomatic style however refused to be drawn into talking about the possibility of joining the Football Association of Malaysia or even commenting about it.

“Who am I? Whatever I say or do will not change the landscape of football, be it in Malaysia or any other country,” was all Windsor was willing to say.

Windsor has indepth knowledge about FAM, not only did he work there but Windsor was instrumental in drawing up the Long Term Plan for FAM, a four year plan that sets out the direction of the national association inline with the guiding principles developed by FIFA.

The first Long Term Plan (LTP as it was known) was initiated by for Goal Project director Dato Seri Paul Mony and in 2006 Windsor was instrumental in drawing up the 2006 to 2009 LTP.

However the current FAM administration opted not to carry on with the LTP and it probably is collecting dust somewhere in the corridors of FAM today.

For the benefit of those in the dark, the LTP outlines the targets and objectives of each department within FAM and could be used to apply fopr funding from FIFA via the DOKL office. It was through this initiative that the FIFA Com-Unity Program (in November 2005) and Futuro III Courses were held in Kuala Lumpur, organized by FAM.