Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Read the story below with regards to the laying of a new turf in Bangalore, a city where the Malaysian Project team has headed for some friendly matches to prepare for the SEA Cup in Bangkok later this month.

Maybe our local authorities would also want to conduct their own investigations as there have been much talk on shady deals as well.

The state government has rejected the new synthetic turf for the KSHA hockey stadium being supplied by Greenfields, Holland, and asked the firm to switch back to the sample it had submitted with the tender.T

he decision was taken on Monday evening, in a meeting of with the representatives of the Dutch company, officials of the erstwhile KSHA (IOA and Hockey India have dissolved all state units, with new ones to be formed as per the guidelines of the state Olympic associations) and its technical committee.

The New Indian Express had first reported on September 3, that the material being used for the hockey turf was different from the one submitted during the tender process.

Shivananjaiah, DYSS Sports Director told Express: “The company’s officials have asked for some time. We will wait for their decision and then decide the next step.In any case, we have made it clear to them that we will not accept the new material which is entirely different from the sample.”

After Express broke the story the state government had put a stop to the turf-laying work. The suppliers, Chaddha Sports, Delhi, who represent Greenfields, have been quoted as saying that there is no need to provide a sample at the time of the tender.If that is the case, then how can a particular rate be agreed upon without knowing the quality of the product?

In this case, the tender was awarded to Greenfields, who had quoted the lowest price of 53 dollars per square metre.The Delhi based firm has also said that the sample might have been manufactured much before the new consignment was sent.

So how could they not manufacture the product and send it, in place of sending a different material than what was agreed upon. This has further delayed laying of the synthetic turf at the KSHA Stadium. The present surface was laid for the National Games in 1996-97, with a seven year warranty. Two years later, the new turf still has to see the light of the day.