Monday, February 16, 2009


Everyone’s trying to be politically correct at all times. All that lying loses the slightest appearance of being honest anymore.

But I guess that’s what people want. With all these attempts at being nice to everyone at all times, are we trying to make the sports world a better place? Or are we simply supporting a faÇade of being nice?

Sports are brutal. People want to beat each other. In the end, I think being pure to one’s sport is the best thing to do. Play to the best of your ability, and treat sports as what it really is: a battle of excellent talents.

It’s like Nike says, “Just Do It.” Just go out and play for crying out loud. Leave the long, dull speeches to the real politicians.

Why am I saying this? Cos thats the stark reality of our sports these days. Just look at what happened at the Malaysian Open Golf. Our DPM announced a RM1 million grant for development of golf. So you want money, invite the DPM to your event, easy isn't it. Forget about NSC or KBS, they are merely pawns in a chess game.