Friday, February 20, 2009


Well, what do that two have in common? Read the story that appeared in The Malay Mail today, Feb 20, 2009.

But while on the story of food and MHF, perhaps TM will want to check on the non payment to the caterer who supplies food to MHF for meetings. I bumped into that poor guy and he is now driving a taxi as a means to support his family. Perhaps he could supply the murtabak, if the payment for the mee hoon is settled fast.

Murtabak from Kuantan, anyone?

February 20, 2009
Categories: Hockey

SUCH is the financial crisis in the Malaysian Hockey Federat ion (MHF) that the president had to bring murtabak from Kuantan for a meeting of the Standing Committee in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

“We are on such a tight leash and running everything on a tight budget. Even the murtabak that we served during the meeting I brought from my kampung,” said MHF president Tengku Abdullah Shah.

“And you should try it before you go back to do your work. It is really good.”

Well, it was said tongue-incheek but two facts remain — that Tengku Abdullah did indeed bring the murtabak and that MHF are in dire financial straits.

Tengku Abdullah said there was a huge debt, about RM900,000, owed to a long list of creditors but
assured the problem would be resolved by mid year.

“Many things were discussed today, especially about our financial status and training programmes
for the national senior and junior teams. It is not really our fault because this was inherited from the previous
management,” said Tengku Abdullah.

“However, we are taking every measure possible to make sure that all parties will receive what is due to

He also said the current economic crunch was not doing any favour as companies have not been
forthcoming and it has been difficult to get sponsors.

“We are trying our best to entice sponsorships. There are ongoing negotations but nothing has been agreed.
Once everything is concluded, then everything will be paid out including to MHL teams and officials.

“We were offered to host the Asian Games qualifiers but rejected it,” he added.

Other matters discussed: Senior team: They will play play three matches against Korea in Seoul and four
matches against clubs on Feb 28-Mar 10. The Genting four-nation Invitational in Johor Baru on Mar 11-15
will involve Malaysia, India, Pakistan and Singapore.

For the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup on Apr 6-12, the confirmed teams are Malaysia, India, New Zealand and Pakistan. Junior team: The fournat ions tournament i n Spain on Apr 8-12 will involve Malaysia, England,
Germany and Spain.