Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The financial troubles threatening businesses, governments, the global marketplace and the holdings and treasures of individuals and families are not that dissimilar. Although the jargon of the finance, business and government communities tend to obscure the fact, we all suffer from the same disease: debt.

So much so that our very own National Sports Council has decided to cut down on the funding of sports, as has been reported of late, quoting the Director General. Thus it comes as a surprise that this year the Sports Awards will be held not at a five star, but rather a six star establishment.

From the economics point of view, for the government it's called "investing in our nation's infrastructure to achieve a more viable tomorrow to extend to every working family a chance to achieve the Dream; the hope for a better tomorrow" but in fact it's the same filthy habit, spending money you don't have. In our own personal and household affairs we call it "putting it on the card."

Perhaps the Director General is "reorganizing priorities", and for him it means spending like never before and economic consequences be damned. What a let down.

Or it is held at the eve of a party elections to enable his master to engage the voters into giving him a seat in the Supreme Council?

The NSC Director General is an engaging man with many great likable and admirable qualities., except for the fact that he supports Manchester United who were soundly beaten by Liverpool.

But let's dispense with any illusions, that he will be our savior, the champion of change who will "get Malaysian Sports back on track" he most certainly is not. He could have done it but not by playing to the tune of the Minister.