Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Pragmatism dictates the need to administer a word of caution. Hence the spate of resignations in FAM of late should not surprise many as it was seen coming over the past few months. The Assistant Gen Secretary I was told had wanted to call it quits in January itself but held back hoping that things will change for the better. And as for Rodzali Yakub, his exit may well be celebrated by a few within the building. Though some may say offensive things about him, Rodzali was a tireless worker but paid the price not not adhering to the whims and fancies of a few within the ranks. Anyway enough said about the resignations.

What interests me more is the fact that the FAM saw it deem to throw a team out of the MSL for failing to pay the insurance. I did blog about this some two weeks ago but did not get around updating it with more information. Suffice to say that what needs to be investigated is why has the premium for the insurance increased some 200 per cent over the past year?