Monday, April 21, 2008


This is what I wrote several months ago and can be read below - THE TRUTH HURTS

Sports is all about fairness, honesty, pride and passion. Fifty years after independence we are deluding ourselevs into giving excuses for failure. All the rhetoric and promises cannot hide the fact that, after 50 years of nationhood, we are still grappling to deal with certain realities. Nothing puts it in better focus than the game which was the very soul of the nation until its decline 20 years ago.

With all the issues being highlighted by the media and bloggers over the past month (since the cabinet was named) , we must all bear collective responsibility on what has transpired over the last three decades or so. From being tops in badminton, hockey and football, we are reduced to mere participants in these fields. Well some opt to ask our sportsmen to follow the footsteps of squash queen Nicol Ann David and lawn bowler Safuan Said, that really should not be a comparison as those sports are hardly played by more than 50 countries worldwide.