Wednesday, April 23, 2008


There have been several postings in a blog of former Malay Mail journalist Rizal Hashim with regards to the saga of the failure to qualify for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Some have even called me to claim that I was the one who wrote to Rizal the initial letter, and to them I say you do not know me at all. Let me make it clear here, and Rizal can vouch for it, I had never posted any comment in his blog, nor am I interested in the subject. It is evident that we tend to wash dirty linen in public when it comes to sports, its so easy to lay blame on others. Be rest assured that I do not want to get involved in this Sarjit saga, as he is my friend and so are those who posted negative comments about him. Why not all of you sit down in a room and trash things out. As for MHF, less said is better as the officials are elected into office and they know what they are doing or have done. Let there be peace please. Lets not get personal if sports is the main agenda. Or is it?