Monday, July 09, 2007


Though AFC has been hard on FAM, their own organising capability came under the microscope at the Pre Match Press Conference held today at the official hotel. For there was total chaos when the Malaysian Coach, Norizan Bakar and striker Hairuddin Omar were presented to the media. With Hairuddin unable to converse in English, it took team administrator Mohd Shazali to act as the stand in interpretor. And the cameramen were all over the place, leading to frayed tempers. But worse was yet to follow as the Malaysian were hounded for interviews after the official press conference was over, not by the Malaysian media but by two foreign television crews. And yet AFC had the cheek to bar other Malaysian TV stations from providing coverage of the match as it has limited space behind the goal it seems. Malaysia is always at the receiving end of AFC of late, and last week two senior officials who had submitted a months notice of resignation were asked to leave in 24 hours. With three cases already at the Industrial Court, perhaps it will be five soon. The idea is to move AFC out of Malaysia, the rest is hogwash by the senior officials who claim that Malaysia is a special place for AFC.