Thursday, June 21, 2007


The debate has started on the pro and cons of having foreign players in the M-League. While a brain storming session will be held on June 25 at the Bluewave Hotel in Shah Alam, the critics are now questioning the decision of having foreign plsyers in the league. If not mistaken, there is a rule that prevents teams from signing up foreign goalkeepers. Take a look at the goal scorers list and you will find only two Malaysians in the top ten list of goalscorers for each of the leagues. Mohd Khalid Jamlus from Perak (12) and Azlan Ismail from Perlis (9) are the top local strikers in the Super League while Mohd Harris Safwan from UPB-MyTeam FC (8) and Mohd Fareed Shah from PKNS (5) are in the top ten of the Premier League. Maybe the answer is not completly barring the foreign players but reducing them to just two per team, and that too limited to just midfielders and defenders. Food for thought?



Shahrazain Said DPMM FC 19
Keita Mandjou PERAK 19
Marlon Alex James KEDAH 17
Walter Silva JOHOR FC 16
Mohd Khalid Jamlus PERAK 12
Sharlei Miranda TERENGGANU 11
Phillemon Chepita PERLIS 10
Frederico Dos Santos NEGERI SEMBILAN 9
Azlan Ismail PERLIS 9
Chaswe Nsofwa TELEKOM FC 8


Marin Mikac UPB-MyTEAM FC 13
Abdulafees Abdusalam SHAHZAN MUDA 12
Charles Obi SABAH 11
Victor Alejandro SHAHZAN MUDA 8
Mohd Haris Safwan UPB-MyTEAM FC 8
Martin Carlos KL PLUS FC 7
Dejan Miljanic UPB-MyTEAM FC 6
Michael Barasa PDRM 6
Mohd Fareed Shah Hasan PKNS 5
John Mawalma PDRM 5