Sunday, March 13, 2011


Now we have yet to hear if the two bodies will be open to disclose their traveling expenditure for their office for the past year so as to justify that prudence begins at home.

Let's move to another disclosure and see if they are willing to talk about it though I very much doubt so.

It was announced that ESPN received RM14 million from KBS and that the local sports station was to receive that finding last year but KBS went on and gave the money to ESPN.

Now ESPN Malaysia shut operations in December so who gets that RM14 million and if so why is there a need to spend that money.

Imagine if given as a grant to lesser sports, since we have some 46 sports with OCM, we could easily provide RM50,000 as a grant to some of the lesser sports to help them survive.

And whatever happened to the football committee chaired by YB Razali Ibrahim the Deputy Minister? NSC officials were entrusted to come up with the Terms of Reference for the Technical Director last September.

Perhaps they need another lawatan sambil belajar as was the case when they were sent to UK last year?