Friday, January 14, 2011


The headline is not about the threat by some members of the Coaching and Training Committee to resign should changes be made to the structure, but rather on players who will leave BAM.

Not wanting to reveal the names, this blog has been informed by some players that they too will leave BAM, and are merely awaiting Datuk Lee Chong Wei to take the first step. And like domino tiles, the rest will follow suit.

Let that happen when it happens but what is more interesting is the fact that Datuk Misbun Sidek has NOT resigned as coach. For Misbun had two contracts employing him as coach, one with the National Sports Council and the other with BAM.
His two contracts expired on December 31 and neither Misbun nor the other 15 coaches that received approval for renewal of their contracts have received their new contracts. So in line with procedure and contract law, Misbun cannot be considered to have resigned.

And even if some were to argue Misbun indeed has resigned, then he has only done so with regards to his contract with BAM as his letter was only addressed to BAM and no where in the letter or in the copies to was NSC mentioned or informed.

Checks with NSC and BAM reveal that indeed Misbun had two contracts and the letter was only addressed to BAM.

So what was the outcome of the BAM Exco Meeting of Wednesday and its impact on Misbun. Many cannot grasp the decision though it was crystal clear - " we hope Misbun will re-consider, our decisions of the CNT stand as the Exco cannot change decisions made by the Council and it was Misbun who quit-we never asked him to go."

Taking those statements into context, the threat by these committee members holds no water as the Exco never said they were changing decisions made by the Council. So if you feel insecure, then maybe you ought to quit.

Holding associations at ransom seem to be the in-thing, as evident by the Takraw President (who said he will quit if they failed to win gold but is still around), the MAAU Vice President ( who quit just two weeks before his terms ends) and now these state BA officials as well as Misbun.

If BAM give in to Misbun, and here we are only talking about letting his son train under him, then be prepared to employ the father of Zulfadli, for that is his demand for his son to join the BAM stable. Now will BAM be prepared to do that as well? 

There is something more then just this as so far as the exodus is concerned, nothing to do with who trains where and with who. The writing is on the wall Dato Nadzmi, thread carefully for friends are foes now.