Tuesday, December 14, 2010


The dearth of capable young officials coming through the rank renders the proposal of limiting the term of office for leaders of national sports associations unacceptable at the present moment.

In voicing their views against the proposal by ex National Sports Council; Director General Dato Mazlan Ahmad who said that terms of office should be limited to two Olympic cycles, Olympic Council of Malaysia President Tunku Tan Sri Imran Tuanku Jaafar and current NSC DG Dato Zolkples Embong, concurred with each other that the call was unwarranted.

"At the last OCM annual general meeting that was a resolution to invoke a age limit of 70 for office bearers but we deliberated over it and found that it was not feasible given our current situation where there are so few who want to do volunteer work," said Imran when met at the launch of the 1Mas Development Program at Tun Razak Stadium.

"It is not easy to entice the younger generation to do volunteer work and besides we find no problem with those holding posts for longer terms as most of them, if not all are doing a great service to their sports.

"I think the proposal is not feasible at the moment and we should not look at this as means to better our sports."

In echoing the remark by Imran, the NSC DG said that this idea was first mooted when the Sports act was being formulated in 1996 and even then it was deliberated at length, with Mazlan as the serving DG.

"It is not a new idea as it was discussed in 1996 and it was found to be not feasible for our country. We find it difficult to replace leaders," said Zolkples.

"Take for example boxing and women's hockey. Both their presidents have voiced their intention to step down but cannot find suitable replacements."