Saturday, July 10, 2010


Just got tired of looking for headings in English hence used sandiwara, meaning drama.

That title aptly describes how FAM handled the situation regarding the position of coaches of Harimau Muda the second, Azraai Khor, Azman Eusoff and Mohanasundram.

Remember what the decision was after the Technical Committee meeting last month?

At that time it was decided or rather revealed at the Press Conference that the fate of the trio will be determined by the National Team Management Committee. And a few days later it was said that it will be determined by the Council.

Well my friends of the main stream media and fellow bloggers, we were all been taken for a ride.

A discussion was held between the coaches and the power that be in FAM on July 7 and a mutual termination was agreed upon, meaning what we all was told was a load of bull.

The FAM big wig had nothing on them to warrant a termination, similar as the case of B. Sathianathan, so instead of another case being filed in the industrial court, the employers and employees decided on a mutual termination.

Well let's not get into the nitty gritty of whose is right or wrong, as the answer is obvious, but suffice to say those who coach FAM of late are given a raw deal from their employers in discharging their duties but walk away with loads of money, in the likes of Norizan Bakar, Sathia and now Azraai.

I do not at all blame the coaches as they had valid contracts and still could contribute towards the game, so terminating them for not playing ball with that someone has cost FAM loads of money that could have been put to better use.

To Azraai and Azman, all the best as you await your termination letters and compensation, to the players, good luck and to the Sports Minister and the all powerful NSC, let's see you doing justice for once.