Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Malaysia vying for Best World Cup Song

from: www.mmail.com.my

While 32 teams from five continents prepare to battle for football supremacy, another equally fierce contest is taking place off the field - vying for the title of the Best World Cup Song!

With more than 300 participants, mostly amateurs who may not have the global reach of Shakira, the entries at www.worldcupsong.com are definitely creating a buzz around the world.

A group from Klang Valley called Heart & Soul has also gotten into this World Cup groove to win the hearts of music-loving football fans and send the soccer spirit soaring.

Malaysian entry Africa’s Moment (Ke Nako Ke Nako) entered the online World Cup chart ranking at 150 and has since made its way up to the mid-70s. Written by two members of the Heart & Soul group, 

Tony Pereira and his wife Debbie Leon, the song is about the first World Cup to be held in South Africa.

“Malaysia may not be participating in the World Cup proper, but football fever is as strong here as anywhere else. We hope Malaysians will listen to our song and help us do our country proud,” said Pereira.

"Our song highlights the significance of South Africa hosting the tournament. Ke Nako is African for It is time. It is the official theme for the World Cup.

“Football belongs to the world and the excitement the World Cup evokes is truly unifying.

"We feel excited for Africa. Plus, Nelson Mandela is such an inspiration and this song pays tribute to him too.”

Astro FourFourTwo programme host Jason Dasey, a fan, had invited the group to perform at the Astro's show.

The group comprises Andrew Manassee (guitar), Carol Leon and Debbie Leon (vocals), Ryan Tong - who is just 17 and plays the bass, Leslie Leon (keyboards and vocals) and Tony Pereira (drums and percussion).

“We need a lot of support as we are competing with other countries,” says Andrew. “We think our song is great and we are asking Malaysians to visit the website and listen to Africa’s Moment. The more hits we get, the higher our ranking.”

To lend your support for this unique World Cup bid by Malaysia, click on the Malaysian flag at www.worldcupsong.com and then listen to Africa’s Moment.