Friday, October 09, 2009


KL Dragons may have noble intentions to develop basketball in the country, but they are not prepared for the politics that may surround their entry into the sport.

Set to make their debut in the inaugural Asean Basketball League, the three joint owners of the club have made one resolve, that they will not stomach any interference with regards as to how they manage their "investment" in the all professional outfit.

And as to underline their commitment towards running the outfit in a professional manner, the trio, Datuk Robin Tan, Datuk Wira Naim Daim and Ruben Emir Gnanlingam were unified in saying that they were on the lookout for a professional sports personality for employment as the Chief Executive Officer for KL Dragons and take the club to the next level.

This came about after the trio were asked on how they would maintain sustained interest in the club and sport given that all three of them are busy in running their multi million ringgit businesses.

"We realise that it will need a professional person to run the club once the season is underway and that we may not have much time to be involved in the day to day running of the club," admitted Ruben.

"Hence we are on the lookout for someone who will be able to run the outfit professionally and run it as a business, able to sustain itself over the next few years."

And Datuk Robin was quick to add that as co-owners, they were committed towards ensuring the success of the club and that sponsorship was not an issue for the club as they had laid out plans to ensure the club will be able to contribute effectively towards the promotion and development of basketball in the country.

"There should not be interference from ny party as we are well aware of what is required and we have held discussions on this matter," said Robin.

"We believe that basketball has the potential and I personally have played the sport as a youngster and followed its developments closely over the years."

But the enthusiastic owners maybe groping in the dark so as to say as it was stated in their press release that KL Dragons will be organising an Under 14 and Under 17 league with the objective of nurturing Malaysian youth in basketball and developing them into professional players.

However when asked when they leagues were to commence and what was the form of development that KL Dragons were looking at, the trio were lost for words.

"We will be talking to the Sports Ministry and plan to hold clinics throughout the country so as to generate interest in the sport," said Datuk Wira Naim.

"We have yet to determine when the leagues will commence but suffice to say that it will be within Kuala Lumpur only."

And as a parting word, Ruben said that their intention was to make basketball the second most watched spectator sport over TV, after the EPL.

Wishful thinking some may say, but the three "who's who" of Malaysian business have some tricks up their sleeves, but just kept the cards close to their chest.

Every sale has five basic obstacles, no need, no money, no hurry, no desire and no trust. And something tells me thatthe trio have just got over three obstacles, what they are, your guess is as good as mine.