Tuesday, September 04, 2007


In his book on Real Madrid, 'White Angels', John Carlin sums it up far better than I ever could.
'In most respects to be a football fan is to condemned to a life of frustration.
'Waiting and hoping for a beautiful piece of play, for an individual to do something thrillingly out of the ordinary, for a team to string together three or four one-touch passes culminating in something close to a goal.
'It happens so rarely. You have to be so long-suffering, so madly optimistic.
'As in life, the moments of pure joy are few and far between. Usually in football we are obliged to feed on crumbs.'

So for those who are going to helm the FA of Malaysia when the dusts settles after this Sunday's Congress, the challenge is obvious. The expectations of the fans will be great but patience is the key word for Rome was not built in a day. Still I am optimistic that with the right people in FAM, football can offer us the hope that we have longed for...