Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Though I am not keen to write about hockey, I feel compelled to do so following some interesting news and developments that have been communicated to me. It seems that all plans that were put in place to help Malaysian hockey but some ex-internationals were not only hijacked but blown to bits by "four datuk's". The intention was noble by those who initiated the need for change in Malaysian hockey, as there was no personal interest in vying for posts and positions. Still these noble thoughts were somehow manipulated by a few who wanted to serve their self interests. And what is more interesting is that funds were made readily available for certain candidates vying for positions in MHF, akin to what is being said about elections for a certain political party. I will take all these allegations with a pinch of salt as I believe that TM Pahang means well in trying to help the sport but he too must avoid the pitfalls by listening to all instead of a select few.


There seems to be something similiar to a Parsi funeral rites and what is happening in Malaysian sports of late.

We often read how some officials are left to fend for themselves after being voted into office, some who are being gunned down for not allowing the king makers to control the affairs of the association, some are being hunted down for their refusal to follow the wishes of certain top brass of the NSC, and some fail to realise who their friends are as they often get drowned in the power that is entrusted to them.

In the Parsi funeral, the body must be exposed and left without clothes as to draw towards it the eye of the flesh-devouring birds and may fall an easy prey to them, so that, the sooner it is devoured the lesser the chance of further decomposition and the greater the sanitary good and safety.

Here, these leaders suffer the same fate, for when a new office bearer assumes office, the vultures surround them and prevent sanity to prevail, thus creating a situation where only the views of some people are readily available to the new leaders/office bearers.

Be on the wrong side of NSC chieftiens, and you can start counting your days in office for surely you will be on the way out as these vultures will see to that, not for fear of their own positions but because you dare speak out against them.

Then there are some coaches who have to learn the hard way, as they are left hanging dry despite performing the task entrusted to them.

So vultures are aplenty in a parsi funeral, the only difference is in the parsi funeral they can be sighted whereas in Malaysian sports, they might be standing next to you but you will never know.